Our breeding philosopy is simple: follow the breed traditions and guidelines as established and maintained by the ISG Member Registries for North America, make a rigorous commitment to the breed standards and breed selectively.




Are you interested in breeding a Shagya-Arabian or to a Shagya-Arabian?
If so, please make sure the horses you use for breeding are “Approved for Breeding” with your Country’s ISG Member Registry.
  • The ISG is the worldwide umbrella organization for the Shagya-Arabian.
  • Only horses Registered and Approved for Shagya-Arabian breeding with their Country’s ISG Member Registry are officially recognized as a “Shagya-Arabians”.
  • Contact NASS and PShR for more information!
NASS & PShR are the only officially recognized registries for Shagya-Arabians in North America.

Contact NASS & PShR to learn about upcoming inspections and if your horse is eligible.


Check back often for updates!